Origami Hummingbird Tutorial

Earlier this week I learnt how to make this gorgeous paper origami hummingbird by following a video tutorial by Trahu DIY.
YouTube is great for learning how to make new origami models – I find it so much easier to follow along by watching a step-by-step video than trying to figure out a diagram, don’t you?

To make this origami hummingbird, all you need is one square of paper which is coloured or patterned on one side.

origami hummingbird faint WW

If you want to have a try at making this model, simply follow along with the video below.  It’s not a design for beginners, so it may take a few attempts. I had to keep pausing, rewinding and trying again!

But is is so satisfying to finish the elegant paper hummingbird, I really encourage you to give it a go.

Let me know in the comments how you get on x

Origami hummingbird faint PIN

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