Happy mail box subscribers tell us what they think…

Our happy mail subscription box has been available since February and of course we asked our subscribers for feedback to let us know what they think of the boxes they have received so far.  Here is what they said…

happy mail box feedback

Monthly Happy Mail Box feedback from customers:

  • “LOVE the tissue paper envelopes!” – Claire
  • “I love your stationery box!  Every month, I get all smiley inside when I see that little brown box on my doorstep. Beautiful cards and funky stationery to give my letter writing and gift giving an edge. It’s like having my own personal assistant who finds me something perfect for every somebody.” – Anna
  • “LOVING the subscription box, I’ve sent so much more happy mail than ever before!”
    ” It’s such an amzing box!” – Becca

Happy mail boxes are only £9.99 per month (for UK subscribers).  Box contents are always worth more than £9.99 in total, you save money AND get happy mail at least once a month.  Sound good?

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P.S. Sometimes we include little extra treats for our subscribers like origami models


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