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Washi tape for kids

We know that kids love washi tape just as much as we do!  The bright colours, patterns and pictures make it perfect for decorating exercise & note books.  Washi tape is a great medium for kids’ crafts, as it can be easily repositioned, used for junk-modelling, DIY cards and of course it is very low/no-mess!

We stock a wide range of fantastic washi tape for kids at The Paperdashery, including space tapes, trains, pandas, hot air balloons and of course, dinosaurs!

“When I was a child, I wanted to… go into space! To go to Mars. I wanted to explore and explore and explore. I wanted to go to the Lost World in South America – I was heartbroken to discover there were no dinosaurs; I still don’t accept it.”
Brian Blessed

“I can only really speak for myself and what I’ve noticed in my kids and the people in my life, but because dinosaurs were real, and yet they seem so fantastical, is why they held such a huge fascination for me as a child. They’re so different from human beings.”
Bryce Dallas Howard