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Masté Aurora washi tape


  • 7m length
  • 2cm width
  • beautiful snow-scape design
  • aurora washi tape
  • Masté brand washi tape
  • made from rice paper
  • by Mark’s (made in Japan)

Only 1 left in stock

Masté Aurora washi tape

This stunning aurora washi tape shows a magical frozen winter scene with snow-covered fir trees and the beautiful blue, violet and turquoise colours of the Northern lights (Aurora Borealis).


Tumultuous streams of glory gushed,
Ten thousand thousand rainbows rushed
And revelled through the boundless sky,
In jousting, flashing radiancy.
Careering around the welkin’s brim
Like bright embattled Seraphim;
Or soaring up to the dome of Night,
Flooding the Milky-way with light;
Or streaming down on the mountain peaks,
On the muirland wastes, and the heather brakes;
On lake and river, on tower and tree,
Showering a sky-born galaxy,
Like a storm of pearls and diamonds driven,
Imbued with the gorgeous hues of heaven!

David Vedder – The Aurora Borealis

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 2 cm


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