Do you enjoy wrapping presents at Christmas time?  Here at The Paperdashery, it’s one of our favourite things to do and gets us feeling all festive and sparkly!  BUT, we understand that not all of you feel the same way and we’re more than happy to do your gift wrapping for you.

10 tips to enjoy gift wrapping at Christmas

If you want to try and catch that festive bug and learn to love gift wrapping, here’s our top tips to help you…

How to enjoy wrapping presents at Christmas

  1. Make it fun!
    Sounds too simple, right?  If you make Christmas gift wrapping an event each and every year, it becomes a tradition that you look forward to.  Get all your supplies (including good quality wrapping paper that won’t tear easily) & gifts together, put on your favourite Christmas film (It’s a Wonderful Life for us), or Christmas music, pour yourself a large glass of wine (then put the bottle BACK in the fridge) and get to it.  One lovely lady we know does her wrapping together with her sister and mum every year (apart from each other’s gifts of course)!  They have lots of tea and mince pies and a good gossip while they wrap everything at the kitchen table.
  2. Get comfy
    We like to wear PJs while wrapping presents, but any outfit that means you can scoff mince pies and move around easily is a good choice. Gift wrapping can be quite a physical activity – especially when wrapping large gifts!
  3. Practice
    Gift wrapping is a skill that anyone can learn and improve.  Practice all year round when wrapping birthday gifts for friends and family, or join us for one of our creative workshops to polish your skills!
  4. Relax
    Don’t fret about your gift wrapping skills (or lack of them).  Try instead to enjoy the process of being creative, using your hands to make something beautiful and imagine how the recipient will feel when they open the gift…
  5. Save money when wrapping presents
    It is possible to wrap a gift beautifully without spending a small fortune!  Use newspaper (the Financial Times looks great with our violet sparkle twine), recycle old Christmas baubles into gift toppers, or fold some origami animals to use as gift tags.
  6. Wrap gifts without using sticky tape
    There are many advantages to being able to wrap without using sticky tape (we can teach you how in one of our workshops) – the gift will be revealed with a mere tug of ribbon/twine – no tearing, ripping or struggling, EVERY person you give a gift to will be impressed that you wrapped it without using tape, plus you (or your recipient) can reuse the wrapping paper and ribbon or twine.
  7. Take a gift wrapping short-cut
    If you’re not confident wrapping without tape, use washi tape instead. The bold colours and pretty patterns will make any gift look fabulous. And if you mess up, you can carefully reposition the tape without tearing the wrapping paper.
  8. Cheat
    Awkward shaped gifts can be difficult to wrap. Rather than struggle, use tissue paper, cellophane, or cloth and a gift bag or box to wrap unusual or tricky presents.
  9. Don’t be caught out
    Always keep a small gift ‘for the angel’ under the tree.  Make it unisex and ensure it is beautifully wrapped, but with either no tag, or a blank tag that you can quickly fill in should someone pop round unexpectedly with a gift for you. This way you will be able to reciprocate without any awkwardness.
  10. Reward yourself
    Have another large glass of wine (or a bubble bath, posh chocs, or anything you consider a treat) ready and waiting for when you’ve finished the wrapping. It’s good to have this incentive to look forward to.

gift wrapping purple ribbon bow

If you’re still not convinced you can actually enjoy wrapping presents, why not use our gift-wrapping service..?

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