This mini DIY pick up sticks game is so easy and quick to make using just toothpicks and washi tape. It’s great to take on holiday because it’s travel sized and would make a cute handmade stocking filler.

DIY pick up stick game using toothpicks

What you need to make a mini DIY pick up sticks game

DIY pick up sticks

mini DIY pick up sticks

How to make a mini DIY pick up sticks game

  1. Take a toothpick and wrap slim washi tape around the centre of it.  Allow a little overlap, but not too much, as this can look bulky and make the game harder to play, as the sticks will catch against each other.
  2. Cut the washi and smooth the end using your nail.
  3. Repeat with all of the toothpicks, adding between one and five washi stripes per toothpick (each stripe is worth one point when you play, so some sticks will be worth more than others).
  4. Add some wide washi tape around the toothpick box and store your toothpick mini DIY pick up sticks inside it for some holiday fun.

DIY mini pick up sticks game

If you’re not sure how to play pick up sticks, don’t worry, it’s super simple!  Here’s a link to the rules.

Did you know that pick up sticks has several other names too?

  • Mikado
  • Spillikins
  • Jack straws
  • Spellicans
  • Pick-a-stick

What do you call it?  Let us know in the comments!

And if you’re looking for more ideas of what to do with washi tape, here’s 10 more fabulous ways to use washi.







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