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So what exactly is happy mail?

Quite simply, it’s anything you get in the post that makes you happy (i.e. NOT bills or junk mail).
Our subscription and gift happy mail boxes are perfect examples…


Happy mail can be as simple as a cute postcard, or as extravagant as a care package.
The cost is not important. You can send anything that will make the recipient happy!

Totally AWESOME Happy Mail image with text

How to send the most awesome happy mail ever…

1. Think about your recipient

This is the most important thing when sending happy mail. Do you know what kind of thing will make them happy? It’s pretty easy to find something that you are sure will make your best friend smile. However it might be more difficult to put together a care package for a distant relative, or even someone you have never met (with whom you have agreed to swap mail). If you don’t know your recipient (well, or at all), do some research. Ask their friends, check out their social media accounts, or simply ask them directly.

Some useful questions for inspiration might be:

  • What are your favourite colours?
  • Do you collect anything?
  • What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  • What to like to watch/read/listen to?

Happy Mail parcels wrapped & ready

2. Presentation is important!

Pretty little packages are so appealing – just the sight of them induces happiness & excitement and having to unwrap each item individually makes it feel like Christmas morning.

Make your happy mail look beautiful by:

  • Using complimentary colours
  • Wrapping the packages with sparkle twine or sealing envelopes with gold washi tape to make them look really luxe
  • Decorating envelopes and parcels with cut out paper images (this is called decoupage). You can draw the images yourself, or search on Pinterest. We like to use double-sided tape to stick our images on, as it saves mess and time (and we’re currently crushing on insects).
  • Try using rubber stamps and recycle pretty postage stamps to make your parcels interesting and unique.

Decoupage insect envelopes happy mail inspiration

3. Aim to surprise and delight!

  • Add a little extra gift – some stickers, or DIY mini-bunting perhaps.
  • You could add confetti (small pieces of coloured paper, sequins, dried flower petals or glitter), especially if you are sending happy mail for a special occasion.
  • Include some handmade origami animals (kids really love the frog & flapping bird).
  • If you’re a crafter, knitter or hooker (someone who crochets!), why not share your skill by including a little example in your happy mail? In our experience, people love to receive something handmade.
  • If you’re sending happy mail abroad, you might consider including something national, local or regional (a map, postcard, even public transport tickets can be interesting to someone in another country).
  • Include an appropriate quote. Here are some of our favourites, but you could include a quote from your recipient’s favourite author, a meaningful song lyric, or a line from a film that you both love.
  • Add something unusual! We made this wand for the Summertime Surprise Project out of a pretty stick dipped in gold paint and glitter.

DIY wishing wand with wood & gold glitter

4. Theme your happy mail

Sometimes it can be good to choose a theme for your happy mail. It helps to tie it all together and can act as inspiration for your choice of colours and contents. You might choose something or someone that the recipient is a fan of. It could be a season or celebration, a country, TV show, hobby, book or film – the possibilities are endless!

5. Encourage and inspire your recipient to reply

Include items in your happy mail that will make replying fun (stationery, stickers, stamps, some mail tag questions).
Make it easy for your recipient to reply – for example, it might be helpful to include some postcards and stamps for a struggling student.

Happy Mail ideas contents

Remember, you’re not sending stuff, you are sending happiness..!
(or as Ines from To the Lovely puts it so eloquently: “I send love, though people see it as envelopes filled with little things)

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