A modular 5 point origami star tutorial

Yesterday I was at the Ideal Home Show Christmas show at Olympia, running workshops and giving origami demos. It was great fun and SO Christmassy! If you couldn’t be there (or you want a reminder of how to make these pretty paper stars), I’ve made a video tutorial for you to follow below.

modular origami stars

What you’ll need to make this origami star

  • 5x square sheets of paper
  • that’s it!

Make sure that all your sheets of paper are exact squares of the same size and colour. I loved making these with silver foil paper, but it was a bit tricky to work with. Therefore I’d recommend starting with a thin, matt paper to practice making your first few stars.

Another idea is to use 5 sheets of the same colour but in different tones to make an ombre-effect star.

Once you’ve made a few of these, you can string them up with twine, or prop them on the mantelpiece for a pretty paper start-struck Christmas.

How to make an origami star for Christmas

Simply follow along with the video below…

NOTE: I have used a pink piece when demonstrating how to join the sections together since it is much easier to see how to make the connection. I then remove the pink piece and re-do the join with another blue section. You will only need to use one colour (unless you want to create a rainbow star, which might be nice).

Happy folding!


With thanks to Ben Sound for the music.

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